AIP Bacon, Kale and Blueberries


AIP Bacon, Kale and blueberries

You know those mornings when you’re trying to get to work, but need to eat breakfast, dry your hair and apply makeup all at the same time!? Let alone feed the dog and iron hubbys shirt! Well this is how I do it…

Grab a frying pan add a bit of coconut oil ( I always keep mine next to the hob ready). Place a couple of organic bacon slices in and leave on a low heat.  Give the bacon time to crisp while you do a job or two. Flip the bacon after about 5 mins and leave it to finish cooking. Add your kale to the pan and place a lid over so it steams as well as get a bit crispy with the bacon fat. When the kale is just about cooked add a handful of frozen or fresh blueberries and leave for just a minute or so.

Blueberries taste so good with bacon and kale its a real treat. The sweetness of the blueberries and kale is very addictive once you try it. 😉