Autoimmune Paleo Diet – Whats the fuss?

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I feel like I’ve struck gold!

I have found a whole online community dedicated to healing their autoimmune diseases with my favourite way of eating, paleo. I have been struggling with my low carb diet, a diet that always usually works for me (when I stick to it) but hasn’t shown any good results for some reason and has felt awkward and just didn’t feel right. but now after reading ‘The Thyroid Solution’ by Doctor Ridha Arem, I am finally understanding just how much hormones have a say in metabolism and weight loss. I think that I have over reduced my carb intake and my thyroid hasn’t liked it. Also I just got my copy of Sarah Ballantyne’s book ‘The Paleo Approach’ which I stayed up all night to read and haven’t let it from my side – I finally get it!

Don’t get me wrong I still love the low carb high fat diet and it really works, but after five weeks being 100% good, and not eating anything off the menu, it felt wrong and I was still feeling that I had a sluggish metabolism whilst on it. My hormones are really out of wack – especially as I went on the mini pill for 3 month and come off it, it’s really had an effect on my metabolism and weight loss.

So why am I so excited about the Autoimmune Protocol Paleo Diet (AIP), well I think that I have found my lifetime eating plan. Its got everything that I like to eat and it’s working to reverse autoimmune diseases and is totally backed up by scientific evidence.

The autoimmune paleo diet treats the cause of an illness rather than medicating the symptoms

It’s still very much an underground way of eating but if you are interested in healing your body whilst eating delicious nutrient dense real foods, why not join me on my journey to great health? I will be posting much more about the AIP and working out my own recipes and diet plans with foods found locally here in the UK.

if you want to know more then take a look at some of these links below and order your copy of ‘The Paleo Approach’, asap!




  • Pamela J Riley says:

    Great post, information and resources! I also have severe fibromyalgia, autoimmune hypothyroidism and a laundry list of additional health issues…I too have found that the Paleo lifestyle, and, specifically the autoimmune protocol to be more helpful than anything else that I have tried.

    Recently, I listened to an online summit on Autoimmune Disease presented by Dr. Amy Myers-she has used a dietary and natural supplements protocol to help hundreds of people. She, herself was stricken with Graves Disease (an autoimmune Hyperactive thyroid disease) while in medical school. She published a book, “The Autoimmune Solution” in late January that outlines her program for those who cannot see her as a patient in person. I have to recommend her book, website,, and Facebook page as additional resources to go with the awesome ones you have listed.

    Blessings on your journey and thank you for sharing!

    • fibrogirl says:

      Hey Pamela, thanks for your comment, much appreciated to hear from you especially as you are AIP friendly! 😉 Welcome!
      I have been waiting for this book to be released in the UK, just two more days now and I can get a copy. What a coincidence that I was waiting to read it and only looking at her site a few days ago.
      I would love to know if you think that your fibro has been caused by your thyroid? I keep reading that most people who get fibro have some kind of autoimmune but often its hypothyroidism.
      Myra :)

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