Detox your desk


The Office Detox

If you spend a large part of your day at a desk, treat your desk to a mini detox, it feels so good when you detox your desk – trust me, you will soon make it a healthy habit. Don’t keep sweets and sugary tempting foods in the drawer, no matter how much you hide them away, you will inevitably reach for them the minute you feel stressed, or when its that afternoon dip time when you are tired and craving a pick me up. Although I’m not a fan of snacking between meals, I can appreciate that if you have a meeting that runs through lunch, or you are stuck at work past dinnertime, it’s important you have energy snacks to hand to keep you away from the vending machine or local coffee and cupcake shop. If this sounds familiar for you then I suggest fresh fruit, dried coconut, AIP gummies and plantain crackers. Don’t forget hydration at work, many of my friends admit that they go through a whole day without a glass of water. Being dehydrated can often lead us to eat the wrong foods and also make us tired and foggy so we reach for a coffee and cake to pick us up. Instead try keeping a big jug of water on your desk and add any (or a mix) of the following to it: a wedge of lemon, lime, orange or cucumber, or dome fresh herbs like mint and rosemary. You could also stock up on my favourite drink, coconut water 😉