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The body wants to be strong

I’ve got great news for you, your body wants to be as fit strong and gorgeous as you want it to be. Its instinct is to be powerful and resilient. The whole purpose for its existence, at least as far as nature is concerned, is to keep you strong and capable.

600px-Smiley_svgWe all need more energy and want to feel happy, alert, motivated and full of vitality but in reality, many of us find ourselves struggling with low mood, depression, anxiety, lack of energy, and poor focus and concentration on a daily basis. But instead of intentionally building bodies that are strong – we are mindlessly creating bodies that are weak, prone to illness and just waiting to short circuit.

Basically, when we’re not careful about our nutrition and fitness, we become a bunch of walking time bombs. There are things out there just waiting for us to become weak – like disease – all kinds of disease. There are viruses that want us as hosts, like those that cause flu, measles or ebola, and harmful bacteria, like salmonella and those that cause strep throat, that would like to hitch a ride until they meet their next victim. And then there are the diseases that we have a hand in, like type 2 diabetes and heart disease, which are direct offshoots of our diets and lifestyles.

The function of your body’s immune system is to protect you against disease and infection. In a healthy person, the immune system will recognize infectious organisms like bacteria and viruses as foreign invaders and attack them. But in some people, the immune system doesn’t function correctly, and it mistakenly misidentifies healthy tissues as being foreign, and attacks them as well. This can lead to a variety of conditions, known as autoimmune diseases, which can affect different areas of your body.

Genetics also play a big role in who gets autoimmune diseases, so if you have a family history of them, you are at increased risk.

The evolution of technology

In our work and play, we have developed the habit of moving a lot less than we used to, but we still need more energy. Over the last century, decade after decade, with every technological innovation, we have relieved ourselves of the burden of physical labour. Somewhere along the way, we started to believe that the less we had to use our bodies to labour, and the more leisure we had in our lives, the better our lives were.

This combination of a less physical life, with higher levels of unhealthy eating in today’s fast‐paced world, juggling work and our personal lives, and all the associated demands and pressures is just overwhelming us, especially when we do need more energy.

Give me a shot of energy!

Need more energy at work? Is your tough work schedule draining out all of your energy? Are you feeling so weak that you can hardly perform your work? Is fatigue effecting your overall work performance?

Are you one of the millions who are not happy with what has happened to your body? Would you be completely amazed if you were told that the selection, preparation and consumption of food is the key to your healing, energy and vitality?

Along with an increasing number of people being diagnosed with dementia and Alzheimer’s, many are also concerned about mental decline – from misplacing items to bouts of occasional forgetfulness to lapses in concentration and loss of mental agility.

Used correctly, food becomes the exceptionally powerful elixir that mankind has searched centuries for. It can keep you mentally clear and focused throughout the day. It can increase your physical stamina, leaving you with extra energy at the end of the day. Food used properly can also assist with continuos body cleansing, aid with stress coping and slow the ageing process.

Yes it is possible to feel positive and promote optimal brain health even as we age, we can achieve this not through “pick-me-ups” such as caffeine or alcohol, but through a lifestyle and diet that supports optimal balance of key brain messengers, reduces inflammation, supports normal functioning of the immune system and promotes healing.

The information on this site will show you how to keep these messengers (known as neurotransmitters, or NTs) in the right balance through food and nutrition. Join me and the many thousands of people implementing the Paleo Approach who have halted the progression of their disease, dramatically reduced their symptoms and even put their disease into complete remission – without the use of drugs.

While genes may play their part, we all have the capacity to alter our current state of well-being – both physical and mental – through dietary and lifestyle changes. If you are looking to improve your health you will need to make some changes, and the sooner you start implementing healthy changes the sooner you will experience positive thinking, improved mood and increased energy.

Fatigue is the No. 1 complaint I hear from my patients and from the general public,” says Eva Cwynar, M.D., author of The Fatigue Solution: Increase Your Energy in Eight Easy Steps. “Women are told it’s either in their head or it’s because they’re having kids, raising kids, managing the household, working too hard or getting old. Fatigue is an illness. There are things we can do to get our energy back.


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