Roasted Celeriac With Fennel, Garlic & Rosemary


My favourite side vegetable, sweet buttery and tangy.

Goes really really well with lamb chops and it is divine with a bit of redcurrant sauce. I love getting my hands on one of these they are great fun and the children think they look like strange alien monsters! The bigger the better, as they store in the fridge really well and you can just chop chunks off as you need them throughout the week. I grate them in salads and gently fry with steaks and liver and they make a beautiful buttery root mash. I think it is an awesome underrated vegetable that is easy to prepare, cook and looks great in the kitchen. I aways try to get the biggest ones as they just seem to have more oomph and are just so great to look at.

Celeriac (Apium graveolens var. rapaceum), also called turnip-rooted celery or knob celery, is a variety of celery cultivated for its edible roots, hypocotyl, and shoots. It is sometimes called celery root.

It was mentioned in Homer’s Odyssey as selinon.

Celeriac is a root vegetable with a bulbous hypocotyl. In the Mediterranean Basin and in Northern Europe, celeriac grows wild and is widely cultivated. It is also cultivated in North Africa, Siberia, Southwest Asia, and North America. In North America, the Diamant cultivar predominates. Celeriac originated in the Mediterranean Basin.


Roasted Celeriac With Fennel, Garlic & Rosemary

Serves 4


  • Chopped celeriac (about 400g)
  • 1 Large fennel bulb quartered and quartered again.
  • 5 Cloves of garlic
  • A couple of sprigs of fresh rosemary
  • A drizzle of extra virgin olive oil
  • A pinch of ground turmeric
  • A pinch of Himalayan Crystal salt
  • Ground black pepper
  • 1 Tbsp Sesame seeds (optional)


  • Peel the celeriac and chop into nice big chunks (3 or 4 inches long by about 1 inch) place into a nice big cooking tray
  • Top and tail the fennel, cut into about 8 slices lengthways.
  • Peel the garlic cloves or leave whole for a more subtle flavour
  • Add the salt, pepper and turmeric
  • Drizzle the oil and throw in the rosemary
  • Place in oven on a medium heat and cook for about 30 mins, checking regularly and giving the tray a gentle shake to mix the flavours, keep it all loose and not sticking to the pan
  • Just before serving add a small pinch of sesame seeds (optional)

Delicious served with a big dollop of mayo and crispy salad and a glass of sparkly water or wine.

Nutrition per serving:

Total Carbs 17.3g

Fiber 3.9g

Net Carbs 13.3g

of which sugar 1.7g

Protein 0.25g

Fat 0.5g
of which saturated 0.1g

Energy – 77.5Kcal

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