Souping is the new juicing!


Move over, juicing – Why everyone’s going mad for souping

These days, the fashion pack is getting its green stuff in bowls, not bottles. I thought it was just me getting my daily bowl of green, smug that I was cutting back on the fructose but it is souping that is now looking like the latest diet trend in the states with stars and health gurus embracing the souped plan. From Hollywood health fanatics Jennifer Aniston and Gwyneth Paltrow, to health gurus of the moment Jasmine and Melissa Hemsley, it looks like everyone who’s anyone is eating green soup for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Like the traditional juice cleanse, souping eases the load on your body’s digestive system and allows it to recalibrate to maximum efficiently – but it feels much more like a hot satisfying meal.

Rhiannon Lambert, Harley Street nutritionist and founder of Rhitrition recently told Look magazine that choosing soup instead of juice brings definite benefits. “Your average vegetable soup contains tons of fibre, vitamins and minerals, without the hight levels of natural sugar often found in fruit juices. It’s not like the days of blending cabbage with hot water for morning, non and night. These soups are packed with antioxidants and include different ingredients for different times of the day to keep your body working to its maximum potential. In terms of nutrition, soup is the perfect meal because it’s relatively easy to balance healthy fats, protein and vegetables.”

Souper ideas

Breakfast: Blend avocardo, lime, coconut milk and coconut water to create a healthy gazpacho. Your first meal of the day should contain complex carbs, protein and at least one fruit or vegetable for antioxidants.

Lunch: Chicken soup with onion, broccoli garlic.

Dinner: Boil and blend beetroot, a tablespoon of virgin coconut oil, onion, spinach and any green vegetable. Always focus on healthy fats, protein and vegetables.

Dont forget good old bone broth!

I will shortly be adding my soup recipes here…