Chicory Root At St Neots Heath Food Centre


No coffee?? No way :( Really? How? Ok…. Lets do this

I went up to Bedfordshire last Friday for a short break on a farm. Before that, I went on a frantic search of my local health food shops for some chicory root to start the AIP diet. I was very disappointed that my local shops didn’t stock it, as I wanted to start my AIP diet asap but as a hardened coffee drinker and coffee is out on the AIP, I knew that I would need a replacement to kick the habit. So on Saturday I rang St Neots to see if they had something and was pleasantly surprised that they had the brand that I was looking for in stock. So after a quick drive into town I ventured in the heath food centre, where I was served straight away and I must say the shop looked great but I didn’t have any time to browse, so off I went £3.59 lighter.

Later when back at the farm I hesitantly made a brew with full fat milk. It was really nice not how I had expected it to taste and I was really pleased to find something that I thought I could wean myself onto without missing my beloved coffee to much. I spent the whole weekend drinking it, and I am surprised that I didn’t get to much of a withdrawal as I have been cutting my cups down anyway, so thankfully it wasn’t such a shock to my body.

So on Monday day 1 of my AIP diet I went right in a cut the dairy, black chicory root is a strange little drink – get it right and its lovely but just a bit much and its got a sort of strange taste. I’m really getting used to it but I am still missing my bullet coffee and my organic full fat milk. But for anyone looking for a coffee substitute I would definitely recommend Prewetts organic chicory 100% roasted chicory root.